Collodion Spirit – August / September 2012

Craig Tuffin Qld

Chuck Bradley NSW

Beven Headley SA

Tim Bauer NSW

Michelle Tinta NSW

Sonia Macak VIC

Paul Temple VIC

Zelko Nedic NSW

Lynette Zeeng VIC

Roslyn Stevens VIC

Ellie Young VIC

Alice Blanch TAS

Louise Grundy VIC

Heath Campbell VIC

Matthew Kovacs VIC

Robert Go VIC

Robert van dem Helm VIC


Collodion Spirit Exhibition runs from 1st August to 30th September 2012

A quiet but dynamic resurgence in 19th century photography is sweeping into the photographic art world. This Collodion wet plate process is one of the most intriguing forms of early photography – but not for the faint hearted.

These positive images are shot in camera using a volatile cocktail of chemicals. Within moments a one off grain-less photograph is produced.

This uniquely Australian exhibition provides extraordinary insights into the diversity of the practitioners and the process.

The beauty of each of these plates is quite compelling  – the limited sensitivity to light and colour is what makes this process look so distinctive.

Craig Tuffin will make a 24×32 inch tintype photograph using his van –  Australia’s largest mobile camera: 3pm Sunday 5th August at gold street studios.

Tim BAUER Alice BLANCH Chuck BRADLEY Heath CAMPBELL Robert GO Louise GRUNDY Bevan HEADLEY Matthew KOVACS Sonia MACAK Zelko NEDIC Roslyn STEVENS Paul TEMPLE Michelle TINTA Craig TUFFIN Ellie YOUNG Robert van den HELM Lynette ZEENG

Craig will start his journey from Queensland to Victoria on the 1st August 2012 – follow his journey on

More Info  – National ABC Arts portal

Craig Tuffin’s – Camera Van

Craig Tuffin’s Mobile Darkroom

Craig Tuffin’s Mobile Darkroom Back

Kahlia and ULF plate by Craig Tuffin

Craig Tuffin
24″ x 32″ Tintype

Craig Tuffin with portrait of Gale Spring
24 x 30 inch Tintype

Gale Spring Tintype by Craig Tuffin
24″ x 32″