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June 2017

What’s on in Victoria

Tim Rudman

Iceland – An Uneasy Calm Tim Rudman’s photographic prints are individually hand crafted in the darkroom using silver gelatin materials processed to the highest archival standards and toned mainly with selenium, gold and sulphides, both for aesthetic reasons and to ensure archival permanence. How the land speaks to us is a personal thing and capturing the ‘feel’ of the land on film can be initially difficult and oddly elusive in this primitive landscape and time is needed to develop a relationship with it. In summer the days extend through the nights. In winter the nights eat up the days. Changes in the weather are frequent and storms can be spectacular. Brooding skies accentuate the already dramatic and sometimes eerie landscape where trolls lurk at night and get turned to stone by daylight. But the Icelanders have a saying “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute”. So the photographer with patience can learn to express their feelings in this land with a personal vision. “This is mine” Tim Rudman – June 28th  to August 20th 2017 at gold street studios More Info

David Tatnall

Time and Tide – David Tatnall.

‘The seashore is always changing.

….. it takes an artist to capture the spirit, the mystery, that essential quality that calls us time and again to walk the shoreline.

David Tatnall’s richly beautiful photographs invite us into the ancient, ever-changing conversation between the land and the sea’.  Philip Ingamells – from the essay Time and Tide.

Colour Factory Gallery. 6 July – 5 August 2017 At the colour Factory More Information

The Love of The Dark –Colour Factory is proud to present works from Phill Virgo, Linsey Gosper, Shane Waghorne, David Tatnall, Ellie Young, Tom Goldner and Sophie Caligari. A visual compendium of dark room works from some of Australia’s most  accomplished print makers. Showcasing the precision and technique involved in the craft of dark room printing.  Last Days  – More info Runs to 1st July 2017

NGV FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY  the NGV presents a suite of contemporary photography exhibitions, including presentations by William Eggleston, Bill Henson, Patrick Pound, Zoë Croggon and Ross Coulter, alongside dedicated events and programs. Taking over a number of galleries across the NGV, the NGV Festival of Photography highlights new acquisitions of international and Australian photographers’ works, which have been actively collected by the NGV in recent years.Other displays will present the work of some of the most challenging and exciting photographers working today, including: Elad Lassry, Sophie Calle, Paola Pivi, Pieter Hugo, Danny Singer, Ceal Floyer, Lucia Koch, David Rosetzky, Polly Borland, Adam Fuss, Thomas Demand.Runs March to August 2017 More Info 

CCP The Centre for Contemporary Photography is one of Australia’s premier venues for the exhibition of contemporary photo-based arts, providing a context for the enjoyment, education, understanding and appraisal of contemporary practice. More Info


Exhibitions Coming to Gold Street Studios :

Tim Rudman Iceland – An Uneasy Calm Silver Gelatin June 28th  to August 20th 2017

Sandy King – Sam Wang & Jianming Zhong  Connections September 20th to November 19th 2017

Ellie Young  – Metal  As?  Four Colour Carbon on Metal Nov 22nd to January 28th 2018

Vanessa Wiggins – bella Venezia – Four Colour Carbon Exhibition from January 31st to April 29th  2018

Bob Kersey from May 2nd to July 29 2018

What’s on in NSW

 Iron and Icons  – Mike Ware

Mike Ware

Since the first days of photography there have been alternatives to silver for print-making. In 1842 Sir John Herschel discovered that light-sensitive salts of iron could be used to make prints in the pigment Prussian blue (cyanotype), or the precious metals: gold (chrysotype), silver (argentotype), and mercury (celaenotype). In 1873 William Willis extended this list to platinotype and in 1917 to palladiotype. These iron-based printing methods are known collectively as siderotypes, from the Greek for iron: sideros. Fine paper is hand-coated with the chemicals and exposed to an ultra-violet lamp in contact with a large negative. Print colour may be chosen to suit the artist’s expressive intention for the image. These examples have been selected from various sets of Mike Ware’s work to illustrate the range and characteristics of his updated siderotype processes.
ABOUT DR. MIKE WARE: Following an academic career in chemistry, Mike has been independently committed since 1992 to studying the history, science, and art of ‘alternative’ photographic processes, especially siderotypes – those based on iron photochemistry. He exhibits his personal photographic work, and conducts workshops, worldwide. His research has appeared in over 50 publications in both the popular and academic literature, including four books.
“I am very excited to be presenting this body of work and I have been lucky enough to learn a few of the above processes from Mike many years ago. Mike has always been a hero of mine, ever since I downloaded and printed off my first ever web page back in the 1990’s. It was a page detailing the Cyanotype process, totally free of charge and fully up to date with modern chemistry. It is this spirit of freely passing on knowledge, which Mike has continued to maintain, that historical processes will flourish into our modern era. I just wish Mike could join us for the opening night drinks. I do believe he was fond of Australian Red wines…”  Chris Reid  – Join us for the opening night on the 28th June 6 to 8 pm Please RSVP as space in limited – Exhibition 19th June to 11th August More Information

STILL IN MY MIND: GURINDJI LOCATION, EXPERIENCE AND VISUALITY  Inspired by the words of revered Indigenous leader Vincent Lingiari, ‘that land … I still got it on my mind’, this exhibition considers the ongoing impact of the Gurindji Walk-Off, a seminal event in Australian history that continues to resonate today. Curated by Brenda L Croft. More Info To 29th July

Penny Dunstan

Shadowlands II  Penny Dustan In the Upper Hunter Valley, open-cut coal mining is transforming what was once agricultural land into unfamiliar landscapes. The trace of history has been severed by industry, to be replaced by shadowlands of our consumerism.  Through these works, creative practice co-constitutes post-mining places by transmuting tracks into images and giving interactions form, thereby articulating a way of knowing our shadowlands and making our minescapes matter.- Penny Dunstan, May 2017 Opening night is 21 July at 6pm at the Newcastle University Gallery. More info

Illume – Momen  Rob Love and SoonHoe 


 July 18 to Aug 6
Opening on July 20th

What’s on in Queensland

Spy & Camera Museum A unique and intriguing collection More info

What’s on in SA

 A shifting Stillness Alice Blanch Under our feet there is a fine dance underway between the elements, an ancient dance of pushing, pulling, morphing and forming. During the blink of our existence the landscape might shift in the slightest manner that it goes unnoticed to us but there are shifts and these shifts accumulate to create a river
of motion and change in the surface of this planet.
More Info

What’s on international  


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Tim Rudman ICELAND An Uneasy Calm – Yes this beautiful book is now available Click on this link for a video clip on the book Go to  and click on the large blue button.

View Camera Australia Blog – a new blog dedicated to large format and darkroom photographers in Australia. Edited by David Tatnall.

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Out of the Blue:Celebrating 175 years of the cyanotype Call for submissions: Send 1-4 cyanotype images (<2 MB jpegs each) listing: title, date, artist name, medium, dimensions) to curators: or Kerry Martin

Browness Prize Entries are open until 5pm Wednesday 12 July 2017 More Info 

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