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March 2017

What’s on in Victoria


© Stuart Clook – Winner Mike Ware Print Exposed 2017 Award 

© Elizabeth Opalenik

The Print Exposed 2017  –  a truly unique exhibition aimed at encouraging the understanding, and appreciation for handmade alternative/ historic photographic print processes evolved from almost a 175 years of photography. The photographs bring a mix of beauty and intrigue created by passionate photographers and photographic artists: Renata Buziak, Gary Chapman, Stuart Clook, Wendy Currie, Robyn Davis, Penny Dunstan, Csaba Farkas, Mike McCaw Peter McDonald, Jan Naismith, Chris Reid,Kim Sinclair, Craig Tuffin, Ellie Young and Lynette Zeeng.  Featuring international artists: Elizabeth Opalenik, Christina Z Anderson, Craig Alan Huber, Jennifer Page, Tim Rudman & Mike Ware.

Exhibition runs to 30th April 2017 More Info

At the colour Factory

© Elizabeth Opalenik

© Elizabeth Opalenik

Mordançage: The Unveiling – Elizabeth Opalenik is known for her sensual images using the Mordançage process. With limitless creativity Elizabeth has found her voice as a photographic artist, learning that all good photographs are self-portraits that lie somewhere between imagination and dreams. The laying back down of the photographs emulsion is where Elizabeth has made her trademark and contribution to the Mordançage process. The skin of her image folds upon itself and reforms in the water while gently rocking the tray and then lets the picture-bearing emulsion settle back onto the paper to dry in new shapes. Sheets of image become cloaks that wrap a figure. It is an incarnation of the artist’s own moment of floating and transformation.The end result is a one-of-a-kind photographic image where Elizabeth has taken a series of steps with a somewhat predictable outcome and injected her own intuitive sense of beauty into it. Subjects are mysterious and poetic –

Elizabeth is the Photographer – Portraitist – Mordançeuse. EXHIBITION CLOSES 1st April 2017 More Information 

© Francis Reiss

People I Have Met:  71 Years of Portrait Photography, 1945 – 2016, by Francis Reiss Photojournalist, has captured photographic portraits of intriguing luminaries throughout his long and productive career. Often gaining exclusive access to high achievers in art, law, religion and politics in Australia, he has also photographed the fascinating faces of unknown people on his travels across the globe. People I Have Met celebrates a life behind the lens. When asked why and how Reiss takes portraits, the photojournalist answered, “Very simple, really: I like people!  I find my fellow creatures most interesting … quite fascinating.” Whitehorse Art Space, Box Hill Town Hall, 1022 Whitehorse Rd. Box Hill, Vic. To 29 April 2017.
Hours: 10 – 4 Tuesday to Friday, 12 noon – 4pm Saturdays.

© Harry Nanking

Photography 130 – Behind the Lens: Photography training at RMIT is as old as the institution itself, dating back to 1887. While much has changed in photography over the past 130 years, not least the technology, the skills involved in composition, in challenging the limits of the camera or in capturing that special moment are as valuable today as they were 130 years ago. Photography 130 features the work of more than 100 RMIT photographers – staff, current students and alumni – in realms of practice that include art, science, commercial advertising, discovery, photojournalism and entertainment.

© Les Walkling

Artists and photographers: Pauline Anastasiou, Chris Barry, John Billan, Earl Carter, Peta Clancy, Lynton Crabb, Stuart Crossett, Heather Dinas, Greg Elms, Samantha Everton, Daniela Federici, Susan Fereday, Sue Ford, Jerry Galea, Mark Galer, Silvi Glattauer, John Gollings, Janina Green, Frank Guy, Ludovico Hart, Alan Hill & Kelly Hussey-Smith, Shane Hulbert, Richard Kendall, Bronek Kozka, Ian Lobb, Murray McKeich,Garry Moore, Steven Morton, Rebecca Najdowski, Harry Nankin, Phuong Ngo, John Noone, Bernie O’Regan, Jill Orr, Nikos Pantazopoulos, Polixeni Papapetrou, Hugh Peachey, Phred Petersen, Louis Petruccelli, Clare Rae, Kate Robertson,  Linnea Rundgren, Lisa Saad, Rod Schaffer, Sam Shmith, Matthew Sleeth, Glenn Sloggett, Gale Spring, John Story, Darren Sylvester, Alex Syndikas, Henry Talbot, Christian Thompson, Heidi Victoria, Jens Waldenmaier, Lyndal Walker, Les Walkling, Michael Wennrich, Ellie Young, Joel Zika.   RMIT Gallery, City campus to 13th April 2017  More Info 

THE FILM PROJECT- AN EXHIBITION BY MAP group  In an age of fast photography and image overload, a group of Australian Documentary photographers use traditional analogue techniques to photograph the most personal of subjects- the Portrait. With subjects that range from the loved to the infamous, photographers embraced the slow, uncertain nature of photographing with film to create a dynamic of trust only formed when a subject has to wait to see their image.Each photo has been hand printed by the artist, some whom had not been in a darkroom for a decade but all embraced the tactile process of silver gelatine printing. In a world where nothing is too hard to change in Photoshop, these images strive for an authenticity that says as much about the photographer as their subjects. to April 2, 2017 at the Fox Darkroom & Gallery

NGV FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY  the NGV presents a suite of contemporary photography exhibitions, including presentations by William Eggleston, Bill Henson, Patrick Pound, Zoë Croggon and Ross Coulter, alongside dedicated events and programs. Taking over a number of galleries across the NGV, the NGV Festival of Photography highlights new acquisitions of international and Australian photographers’ works, which have been actively collected by the NGV in recent years.Other displays will present the work of some of the most challenging and exciting photographers working today, including: Elad Lassry, Sophie Calle, Paola Pivi, Pieter Hugo, Danny Singer, Ceal Floyer, Lucia Koch, David Rosetzky, Polly Borland, Adam Fuss, Thomas Demand.Runs March to August 2017 More Info 


© Stacey Wesley

The wild thing  Wesley Stacey Wesley Stacey is a living legend of environmental photography. In the 1970s he turned his back on the bright lights of Sydney and set up camp in the wilderness of the NSW south coast. For over 40 years he has lived in the ‘great outdoors’, using photography to explore and connect with the ecological complexity of the Australian landscape. The wild thing, curated from the MGA’s own photography collection, surveys four decades of Stacey’s work. From his lively colour snapshots to his epic black-and-white panoramas, Stacey pays tribute to the wildness at the heart of our existence on Earth.  To 28 April 2017 More Info Part of CLIMARTE’s ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2017– a festival of exhibitions and events harnessing the creative power of the Arts to inform, engage and inspire action on climate change.


Exhibitions Coming to Gold Street Studios :

Harris Choy  Appreciation to Death  Platinum Palladium May 3rd to June 25th 2017

Tim Rudman Iceland – An Uneasy Calm Silver Gelatin June 28th  to August 20th 2017

Sandy King – Sam Wang & Jianming Zhong  Connections September 20th to November 19th 2017

Ellie Young  Metal  As?  Four Colour Carbon on Metal Nov 22nd to January 28th 2018

What’s on in NSW


© Murray Cammick

AK • 75-85 showcases a selection of Cammick’s photographs from this period. It includes photographs of New Zealand bands such as Toy LoveThe ScavengersThe TerrorwaysSplit Enz and Dragon as well as visiting international acts like Bob MarleyBlondieSiouxsie and the Banshees, Iggy Pop, Dolly Parton, The Ramones and Ray Charles. The title of the exhibition is a reference to AK•79, a compilation album of tracks by punk bands active in Auckland, New Zealand in the late 1970s.The Darren Knight Gallery is pleased to present its second solo exhibition of Murray Cammick’s photographs, this time focusing on the Auckland music scene between 1975 and 1985. In 1977 along with Alastair Dougal, Murray established the New Zealand music magazine Rip it UpRip It Up’s support of the nascent punk and new wave scene and for iconic New Zealand labels such as Propeller Records and Flying Nun saw the magazine become a seminal influence on the New Zealand music scene. In its early days Murray was the magazine’s publisher, second editor and main photographer. At Darren Knight Gallery More Info

What’s on in Queensland

Spy & Camera Museum A unique and intriguing collection More info

What’s on in Tasmania

In Praise of Photography: an exhibition of non digital photography, including pinhole, film, large format, tintypes and photograms. PhilipEngland  will be showing a diversity of tintypes: landscapes, still lifes and a portrait. Opening  5pm this Friday March 31 Guest Speaker: Dr Ingo Farin, UTAS at TopSpace Studio Gallery, Top floor,  109 Elizabeth Street, Hobart CBD (until 21 April). Upstairs from Fast Forward Printing. More Info 

 The Wilderness Gallery, Cradle Mountain More info

What’s on international  

Iceland – An uneasy Calm  Tim Rudman is acknowledged as one of Britain’s finest landscape photographers. Where geysers spurt, mud pools boil and steam billows from the ground, Iceland is a land of myth, magic and spectacular scenery. With the ever-present danger of volcano eruptions, the exhibition will take visitors on a journey through eerie landscapes, brooding skies, spectacular mountaintops and black lava sand flats. The Dye House Gallery in Bradford January 12th to February 17th 2017.Dye House Gallery, Bradford, Yorkshire, UK

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The Hand Magazine – A Magazine For Reproduction-Based Art  More Info

Tim Rudman ICELAND An Uneasy Calm – Yes this beautiful book is now available Click on this link for a video clip on the book Go to  and click on the large blue button.

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Sam Wang: Four Decades of Photographic Explorations Hardcover – 2010 by Sam Wang Photographs by Sam Wang including round images from handmade cameras, a variety of alternative printing processes, as well as images produced with zoneplate, pinhole, and altered lenses. The 180 page book was published in China and received the 2010 Silver Award for the Best Art Book among 2000 entries. Prefaced written by David Vestal with articles by Chinese critic Bao Kun and renowned educator Zhong Jianming.

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Hand Magazine entries close 28th Feb More Info 

State Library Victoria Applications are now open for artists, performers, filmmakers, writers, composers and any other creative individuals for the annual Fellowships program.

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Capture Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers 2017 call for entries  –  now open.

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