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September 2017

What’s on in Victoria

© Sam Wang

Sandy King – Sam Wang & Jianming Zhong  Connections

Runs Sept 20th to Nov 19th 2017

Offical opening 24th Sept 2pm to 4pm

© Sandy King


This exhibition is about connecting at many levels – photography, countries, sharing, teaching and the pure pleasure of the craft.  Making photographic connections between China and USA to create this special exhibition available to Australians. This is a blend of carbon prints for Sandy King – cyanotype over palladium by Sam Wang, carbon and cyanotypes on rice paper and carbons from ZHONG Jianming.

© ZHONG Jianming

Sam, Sandy and Jainming have world recognition for their contribution to the craft of photography  -all have distinctive styles – this is a wonderful opportunity to see this original work and such an honour to have their work gracing the walls of gold street studios gallery. – More information

Tim Rudman

Iceland – An Uneasy Calm 

Tim Rudman’s photographic prints are individually hand crafted in the darkroom using silver gelatin materials, toned mainly with selenium, gold and sulphides, for aesthetic reasons and archival permanence. How the land speaks to us is a personal thing and capturing the ‘feel’ of the land on film can be initially difficult and oddly elusive in this primitive landscape and time is needed to develop a relationship with it. In summer the days extend through the nights. In winter the nights eat up the days. Changes in the weather are frequent and storms can be spectacular. Icelanders have a saying “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute”. So the photographer with patience can learn to express their feelings in this land with a personal vision. “This is mine” Tim Rudman – September 7th to 30th  2017 at Colour Factory Gallery.  More Information

© Maxine Salvatore

Alternate Types – Maxine Salvatore & Alan Chappelow

©Alan Chappelow

Exhibition of handcrafted cyanotype and platinotype photographs.

Briagolong Art Gallery cnr Avon & Forbes St Briagolong, VIC 3860 (03) 5145 5439 To 3 Sept 2017

More info

Slow Gali Weiss 120 Language Hand crafted Salted paper work – Gali’s work comprises works on paper and moving image in video format, based on drawing approaches and methods that marry the digital and the handmade. The work offers a viewing of drawing as moving image that evolves in form and in meaning. 120 Language 120 Langford Street North Melbourne Vic  30519 September – 8 October 2017  –   Opening Event: Saturday 9 September 2017,  2 – 4pm More Info 


TRAVEL FX  Toni Harris –

Travel FX is an exploration of the stillness or singular moments that are stumbled upon when travelling, from animals to objects and architecture. Taken on smartphones and traditional SLR cameras, these images have been developed and manipulated on both phone apps and Photoshop to emulate the style of retro posters and paintings, evoking a sense of calm and nostalgia. More Info 

Carolyn Lewens

STATES OF BEING – The elemental importance of water – : Rosemary Crosthwaite Carolyn Lewens Kari Henriksen Anne Bennett Jill Orr Lynne Boyd Fiona Murphy John R Neeson Graham Brindley  This visually stunning exhibition, featuring painting, drawing, photomedia, ceramic installation, video projections and tapestry highlights the elemental importance of water in the environment and to human being. To 9 September 2017 Hatch Contemporary Arts Space 14 Ivanhoe Parade, Ivanhoe, VIC 3079 Tel: (03) 9490 4370 More Info 

Sonya Payes

Australians in PNG: Eric Bridgeman | Stephen Dupont | Sonia Payes Australians in PNG highlights the ongoing importance of Papua New Guinea as a subject in the history of Australian photography. Featuring major new bodies of work by Eric Bridgeman, Stephen Dupont and Sonia Payes, this suite of exhibitions, Eric Bridgeman: The fight,  Stephen Dupont: Piksa Niugini and Sonia Payes: Terra mysteria acknowledges the complexity and significance of Australia’s involvement with its closest neighbour.  MGA Gallery  More Info 


CCP The Centre for Contemporary Photography is one of Australia’s premier venues for the exhibition of contemporary photo-based arts, providing a context for the enjoyment, education, understanding and appraisal of contemporary practice. More Info


Exhibitions Coming to Gold Street Studios :

Ellie Young  – Metal  As?  Four Colour Carbon on Metal Nov 22nd to January 28th 2018

Vanessa Wiggins – bella Venezia – Four Colour Carbon Exhibition from January 31st to April 29th  2018

Bob Kersey Praying For Rain from May 2nd to July 29 2018

What’s on in Queensland

Spy & Camera Museum A unique and intriguing collection More info


What’s on in WA 

John Austin: Survey II 1994-2017 Location Lower Gallery
From Saturday 16 Sept 2017 –  10:00am To Sun 26 Nov 2017 – 04:00pm More Info

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