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June 2018

What’s on in Victoria


Bob Kersey Waiting For Rain Opening Event May 6th
Runs to July 29th 2018 –  Contact photographs in platinum palladium of our dry interior.

“As I write, it is the last day of July 2017. It is raining. It is the only day during July 2017 that it has. It must know something…

The interior of Australia is mostly desert. Yet it supports a great diversity of life, due to vast ribbons of water forming channels that provide a completely natural and amazingly efficient irrigation system, often referred to as the eight wonder of the world. Below the desert crust, dotted with ironstone mesas, is the Great Artesian Basin. A string of aquifers (pressure points) create the largest artesian basin in the world. Opening Speech by Mary Meyer (ex Meyer Gallery) at 2.30pm Sunday the 6th May at gold street studios

 MGA  – What’s On

CCP – What’s On


Invoke/Momentum SoonHoe’s exhibition  at the All Nations Foyer, Box Hill Town Hall, 1022 Whitehorse Road Box Hill 3128 to May 31st More Information

Painting With Light  John Street uses light as his paintbrush and photosensitive paper as his palette.
Free from negatives or transparencies, his photographs are exposed to various light sources.  His one-off, truly original 40 photographs seek to capture the ever-changing cycle of nature. Street says his works are meditative pieces that have evolved in a conversation between the flower, the light, and the camera. To 2nd June 2018 At Whitehorse Artspace More Information


The changing face of Victoria. Exhibitions filled with interesting and surprising stories from Victoria’s history. You can see them alongside beautiful photographs by Maggie Diaz that take you behind the scenes to explore how these invaluable books were made in the heart of Melbourne  – at the State Library Of Victoria More Info


Exhibitions Coming to Gold Street Studios :

Rob Love At the End of the Street August 22nd to October 21st 2018

The Spirit Within Australia: The Land and The People  Oct 25th to Jan 20th 2019

Joy Goldkind Movements in Bromoils Jan 23 to March 17 2019

The Print exposed 2019 20th March to 26th May 2019

The Photography of Stavros Pippos June/ August 2019

John Pollard Chasing Shadows August/ Nov 2019


What’s on in NSW

P J Kool – Dissecting Culture, Cancer & Cloth exhibition will be shown in Sydney at Articulate Project Space from 11-27 May. It forms part of a larger group exhibition called Witnessing Cultural Identities, which is a Head On Photo Festival exhibition. Here’s a link to the Head On website: for more information about the exhibition.

Underworld: Mugshots from the Roaring Twenties

Curated by Holly Schulte – It’s almost 100 years since New South Wales police used glass-plate negatives to photograph suspects in custody. These negatives are a direct link to that moment in time, and provide evidence about photographic technology and methods in the 1920s.

After setting up his camera in the holding yard at Central Police Station, the police photographer determined an exposure for the light falling on the subject in front of his lens, directed the sitter into the frame and clicked the shutter to expose the plate. This was printed and the resulting portraits were used by police to identify suspects and investigate crimes.

Today these negatives form part of the New South Wales Police Forensic Photography Archive. Spanning 1910–64, the archive comprises different types, formats and sizes of negatives. For me, each one raises questions: how and when was this negative exposed, what camera did the photographer use, and what was their intention? My research into the mugshots known as the Specials has led to insights into the photomechanical processes as well as the technical and practical challenges the photographers might have faced to 12th August 2018 at the SYDNEY LIVING MUSEUMS Historic Houses Trust of NSW The Mint, 10 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000 More Information

What’s on in ACT


Scott Andrews Mr Zee

The National Photographic Portrait Prize is an annual event intended to promote the very best in contemporary photographic portraiture by both professional and aspiring Australian photographers.The exhibition of 43 portraits will be on display at the National Portrait Gallery to  Sunday 17 June 2018.

The winner of the 2018 National Photographic Portrait Prize is Lee Grant for her portrait of Charlie. More Information

Horizons – Earth and Water Marie Lund – An exhibition of unique sun prints juxtaposed against digitally produced abstract micro landscapes by established NSW-based artist Marie Lund. Each sun print is a constructed image using found natural objects, collected and arranged on silver-gelatine coated paper and exposed outside in the sun, wind and rain. Lund’s digital works closely examines natural elements. Horizons – Earth and Water invites the viewer to become co-curator and to see the beauty in the ordinary.

What’s on in Queensland

Spy & Camera Museum A unique and intriguing collection More info


 Photo Community Interest:

Free to a good home Melbourne location – Enlarger 4×5 – must collect this week contact

Capture Winner Top Emerging Photographers Capture See Here

Beta Development in Photography

New 55 Film Purchase via this special link.\

The Hand Magazine – A Magazine For Reproduction-Based Art  More Info

View Camera Australia Blog – a new blog dedicated to large format and darkroom photographers in Australia. Edited by David Tatnall.

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Hand Magazine entries More Info 

NAVA – Check this web site for current grant and prizes

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