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February 2018

What’s on in Victoria

© Vanessa Wiggins

Vanessa Wiggins – bella Venezia – Hand Crafted Four Colour Carbon Transfer Exhibition from January 31st to April 29th  2018

Iconic and romanticised objects of Venice, such as the centuries old tradition of Venetian masks are featured, conjuring up images of the beautifully lit canals with gondoliers and marbled arched bridges, representing the mystery of old Venice.  This handcrafted four colour carbon transfer process brings this Venetian world alive with colour and a unique depth.

2018 International Women’s Day Exhibition at Melbourne Camera Club Opening 1st March 8pm to 10 pm  Exhibition Open: March 3 & 4  – March 10, 11 & 12   – March 17 & 18  from 11am to 5pm.   Artist talk with Ellie Young on Sat March 10 at 2pm, 1st floor gallery at The Melbourne Camera Club, corner Ferrars & Dorcas St, South Melbourne  More Info

 MGA  – What’s On

CCP – What’s On

The changing face of Victoria. Exhibitions filled with interesting and surprising stories from Victoria’s history. You can see them alongside beautiful photographs by Maggie Diaz that take you behind the scenes to explore how these invaluable books were made in the heart of Melbourne  – at the State Library Of Victoria More Info

Exhibitions Coming to Gold Street Studios :

Bob Kersey Praying For Rain from May 2nd to July 29th 2018

Rob Love At the End of the Street August 22nd to October 21st 2018

The Spirit Within Australia: The Land and The People  Oct 25th to Jan 20th 2019

Joy Goldkind Movements in Bromoils Jan 23 to March 17 2019

The Print exposed 2019 20th March to 26th May 2019

The Photography of Stavros Pippos June/ August 2019


What’s on in NSW

Underworld: Mugshots from the Roaring Twenties

Curated by Holly Schulte – It’s almost 100 years since New South Wales police used glass-plate negatives to photograph suspects in custody. These negatives are a direct link to that moment in time, and provide evidence about photographic technology and methods in the 1920s.

After setting up his camera in the holding yard at Central Police Station, the police photographer determined an exposure for the light falling on the subject in front of his lens, directed the sitter into the frame and clicked the shutter to expose the plate. The action of light on the emulsion created a latent image that, after chemical processing, became the negative. This was printed and the resulting portraits were used by police to identify suspects and investigate crimes.

Today these negatives form part of the New South Wales Police Forensic Photography Archive. Spanning 1910–64, the archive comprises different types, formats and sizes of negatives. For me, each one raises questions: how and when was this negative exposed, what camera did the photographer use, and what was their intention? My research into the mugshots known as the Specials has led to insights into the photomechanical processes as well as the technical and practical challenges the photographers might have faced to 12th August 2018 at the SYDNEY LIVING MUSEUMS Historic Houses Trust of NSW The Mint, 10 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000 More Information

Tell: Contemporary Indigenous Photography Explores Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander life, history and culture through a focus on photography and its expanded field. Bringing together new commissions and recent works by 17 Australian Indigenous artists and collaborators, the exhibition presents a diverse collection of photo-based and photo-inspired works that embrace tradition and culture. Participating artists: Moorina Bonini, Maree Clarke, Bindi Cole Chocka, Brenda L Croft, Destiny Deacon, Robert Fielding, Deanne Gilson, Jody Haines, Dianne Jones, Ricky Maynard, Hayley Millar-Baker, Kent Morris, Pitcha Makin Fellas, Steven Rhall, Damien Shen, Warwick Thornton and James Tylor & Laura Wills. 6 Jan – 24 Feb 2018 At UNSW Galleries Cnr Oxford and Greens Rd Paddington  More Info 

What’s on in Queensland

Spy & Camera Museum A unique and intriguing collection More info


What’s on in Tasmania

Denizens A unique visual perspective on the fascinating and scientifically important specimens in the CSIRO Australian National Fish Collection. In 2016, SAC Resident Artist Phillip England undertook an artist in residence placement at the Hobart CSIRO Marine Laboratories to photograph, using the antique collodion tintype process, specimens from the Australian National Fish Collection (ANFC). Collodion tintype photography imbues subjects with a mysteriousness that parallels the cryptic, rarely seen nature of the marine organisms inhabiting Australia’s waters.  Tintypes are unique, one-of-a-kind images made directly onto a single metal plate in the camera and as such symbolise the uniqueness of the individual specimens in the collection. More Info EXHIBITION DATES: Wed 7 – Tues 20 Feb 2018  Mon – Fri 10:00am – 4:00pm / Sat – Sun 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Steve Lovegrove

Perfect Imperfect-The beauty of death, decay and accident An exhibition by Steve Lovegrove of wet plate collodion images, a process from the early 1800’s, depicting a collection of images made from found objects, made either directly onto aluminium plates or inside vintage tins. Studio Gallery Salamanca Arts Centre, Level 2 / 77 Salamanca Place Hobart, Tasmania 7000 More Info


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The Hand Magazine – A Magazine For Reproduction-Based Art  More Info

View Camera Australia Blog – a new blog dedicated to large format and darkroom photographers in Australia. Edited by David Tatnall.

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AUSTRALASIA’S TOP EMERGING PHOTOGRAPHERS AWARDS 2018 Capture award recognise, encourage, and promote talented photographers in the early stages of their photographic careers. Closes 1st Feb 2018 More Info 

Hand Magazine entries More Info 

Head-on Closes 25th Feb 2018 More Info 

NAVA – Check this web site for current grant and prizes

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