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Lumenprints & Chemigrams - Kristin Diemer - 1 Day




The chemigram process was discovered by Pierre Cordier on November 10, 1956. It is a unique process that uses resists on photographic paper much the same way as wax is used as a resist in batik. He discovered that a resist can hold back the chemical effects of developer and fixer on black and white photo paper for a time.


Lumen printing takes you back to the beginnings of photography in 1830s when William Henry Fox Talbot made his "photogenic drawings." Foliage was placed on light sensitive paper and exposed to sunlight. This created a negative print or a photogram. The lumen process is exactly the same its appeal in the way you can capture nature's beauty –  vulnerability, strength, form, and at times colour.



This two-for-one one-day workshop. The workshop will begin with Chemigrams.

Paper put into developer that has been exposed to normal room light for varying periods of time will turn black, except where a resist blocks the chemical reaction. The parts of the paper protected by the resist will continue to change color from extended exposure to room light. Likewise, paper put into fixer turns white, except where a resist blocks the chemical reaction. The parts of the paper protected by the resist continue to change color from the room light exposure, and suddenly there is the possibility of black, white, and colors in-between on normally monochrome paper.

While the process uses common household ingredients and common darkroom chemistry there is no end to experimentation.

A lumen print is essentially a solar photogram – a camera-less process involving black and white photographic paper, a subject matter that usually consists of an organic material and ultraviolet light .


Kristin began her photographic career in specialist portraiture and now works as a documentary photographer incorporating fine art into the work based in Melbourne Victoria.  

Having played in the darkroom since she was in high school, Kristin enjoys a flexible creative processes.  While embracing digital photography she has never left analogue behind.  Much of her recent work has been about finding different ways of recording 'place'.  She exhibits regularly, both nationally and internationally. More about Kristin





Bring negatives (or digital files to make contact negatives) of images with large areas of white (e.g. blown-out skies).

All other materials and lunch supplied

Class Max 3 students

Cost: $330.00

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