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Copper Plate Photogravure - Ellie Young- 3 Days



Westminster Ellie Young

Ellie Young

This photomechanical intaglio process utilises an etched copper plate to transfer a photographic image onto paper. This image has all the subtlety of a photograph and the art quality of an etching.

There are three major steps: taking the photograph; producing a copper plate of the image;  printing the photograph on cotton rag paper.

In copper plate photogravure the acid-resistant ground is a photosensitized gelatin layer.  This controls the areas of the metal plate etched by the acid. A dot screen provides the tooth to hold the continuous tonal ranges of the photograph.


In 1852 Talbot developed the 1st photo etching method and screens critical for the development of photogravure and Karl Klic in 1879 refined this process.

seashells-reflectionwebjpgABOUT THE WORKSHOP

The workshop coverer over the 3 days are:

  • Understanding and preparing the positives - discussing various controls.
  • Preparing the cop
    per plate
  • Sensitising and exposing the gelatine tissue
  • Adhering and developing gelatine tissue on the plate
  • Etching the plate
  • Printing the plate  


Ellie Young is a photographic artist who has taught alternative photographic processes for 16 years. More Information

Each day the classes start at 9.30 am and run to 4.30 pm.

Lunch is included each day.

CLASS MAXIUM 3  The cost per person is $750.00


Bring either a positive transparences or a digital files for your image making –

Detailed instructions will be sent out prior the workshop.

All other materials (including lunch etc) is provided - wear an old shirt or apron.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.


[note: if you prefer to pay with credit card over the telephone, call Ellie on 03 5424 1835]