Photomacrography – Beyond Close Up – Professor Gale Spring – 1 Day

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  • April 18, 2021
    9:30 pm


Photomacrography is defined as images enlarged from life-size (1:1) to 40 times life-size (40x) in the camera. As early as 1835, William Henry Fox Talbot photographed insect wings and botanical material up to 17 times life size. Close-up photography refers to taking photographs from about 1/10th of life size up to life size. Today, there is a variety of equipment and accessories that make photomacrography possible – even on a limited budget.


This intense workshop incorporates hands-on practical experience delving into lighting, exposure and subject problems supported with theory of high magnification technical issues. This will help you discover and capture the world beyond close-up photography. Gale will introduce you to not only the specialist equipment but also the understanding of the terminology, equipment, materials, processes, practical problems and how to overcome them. It will also explore new ways of extending focus through focus stacking.


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Gale is Adjunct Professor in the School of Science at RMIT University, Melbourne. He retired in 2013 from his role as Deputy Dean, Teaching and Learning at RMIT. Prior to this appointment, he was the Program Leader, Applied Sciences multi-major program (2008-11) and Scientific Photography (1988-2008) at RMIT. Gale continues to consult with industry and organizes and conducts workshops in medical, scientific, and forensic photography. He also conducts various workshops at gold street

studios including photomacrography, infrared photography, lighting, advanced large format view camera photography and metering techniques.

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A basic understanding of your camera and lenses would be helpful although not necessary. Bring your camera and any macro equipment that you currently use. A wide variety of equipment will be demonstrated and students will get hands-on experience with this equipment.