Wet Plate Collodion Master Class – Craig Tuffin – Two Days

Note: Classes are only available to Covid-19 double Vaccinated Participants

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  • Wet plate Master Class
    May 15, 2023 - May 16, 2023
    9:30 am - 4:30 pm
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Craig Tuffin -Monday 15th May Tuesday 16th May 2023


The Wet Plate Collodion Masterclass is designed for those with some experience in creating wet plate collodion positives (ambrotypes and/or tintypes). It is a course focused on three core principles:


  1. Developing core methodology that establishes successful image making.
  2. Understanding the chemistry and how to modify formulas to suit specific conditions.
  3. Investigating how to use the medium creatively to create innovative and interesting work.

During the two days you will:

  • Discuss and develop an intimate understanding of the chemistry available.
  • Review ‘best practice’ in regards to darkroom logistics and camera operation.
  • Learn to sensitise by inspection rather than using purely time-based methods.
  • Develop an effective procedure for metering in the field that guarantees correct exposures.
  • Identify issues and investigate how to ‘troubleshoot’, therefore creating consistent high-quality work. The ‘why’ and ‘how’ things go wrong and how to eliminate them.
  • Create tintypes and ambrotypes in a variety of ambient and artificial lighting conditions.
  • Use ‘reduction’ methods to adjust density in finished plates.
  • Hand-tint and burnish finished work.
  • Explore developer, fixer and varnish variations.
  • Consider archival storage and care of finished work for exhibition.

Each day will conclude with

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a review of the work produced. Craig has written an in-depth masterclass booklet that will be used throughout the two days and taken home at the end of the workshop. Participants should have darkroom experience and a working knowledge of large format cameras.


All materials and lunch is provided but participants are encouraged to bring their own camera if they have one. Come prepared with an apron, lab coat or old comfortable clothing, as chemistry will stain on contact.

Each day starts at 9.30am and concludes at 4.30pm



Craig has been working with this method since 2007 and has work hanging in the National Gallery of Australia and many private/public collections around the world. He is a qualified teacher and lecturer, instructing in darkroom photographic processes for over 20 years. Craig has intensely studied and experimented with the wet plate collodion process and is enthusiastic about sharing his wealth of knowledge.

NOTE: MAX 2 Participant