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Carbon Works – June / July 2012

Chia N-Löfqvist – Tri Colour Carbon
Hans Nohlberg
Andy Cross

Carbon Works – runs June 6th  to July 29th  2012

The carbon process is a beautiful historic photo processes which rely on the ability ofpotassium dichromate to harden gelatin when exposed to ultra violet light. The process was first invented in 1855 by Louis Alphonse Poitevin Poitevin produced monochrome prints made with carbon black pigment. This gave the process its name. In 1862 Louis Ducos Du Hauron created the earliest color prints by combining multiple layers of gelatin made with colored pigments. Because it is a pigment process, carbon prints are the most archivally stable color prints available, and are capable of unparalleled depth and saturation. This depth is enhanced by the relief effect, which is created by the layering of the gelatin tissues.

This Exhibition includes work from Andy Cross (Australia) Hans Nohlberg & Chia N-Löfqvist (Sweden) Ellie Young (Australia) and the late Robert Green (USA)

Robert Green
Ellie Young