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Geoffrey O’Donnell Elemental April / May 2016

© Geoffrey O'Donnell
© Geoffrey O’Donnell

Elemental exhibition runs April 6th  to May 15th  2016

Opening Event  Saturday 9th April 4pm to 6pm Official opening by Ellie Young at 4.30pm

Geoffrey O'Donnell
Geoffrey O’Donnell

Carbon – the eternal element.

An exhibition in carbon transfer, presenting the eternal element of carbon against the fleeting nature of our own carbon-based forms.” 

The focus on beautiful subjects emerges from the artist’s view that engaging with discord and darkness is an “easier option”, this has saturated the world of photography with an ever increasing intent to disturb.

The greater challenge is to find balance, by creating images that transcend the portrayal of the darkness and chaos underlying our civilised lives, by presenting human forms and objects in a positive light. Geoffrey believes he makes no attempt at conveying perfection, but a depiction of the passing moments of strength and beauty that we all possess.

The photographs are created and hand printed by Geoffrey – each unique – just simple and elegant.

The carbon process is a beautiful historic photo processes which rely on the ability ofpotassium dichromate to harden gelatin when exposed to ultra violet light. The process was first invented in 1855 by Louis Alphonse Poitevin Poitevin produced monochrome prints made with carbon black pigment. This gave the process its name. In 1862 Louis Ducos Du Hauron created the earliest color prints by combining multiple layers of gelatin made with colored pigments. Because it is a pigment process, carbon prints are the most archivally stable color prints available, and are capable of unparalleled depth and saturation. This depth is enhanced by the relief effect, which is created by the layering of the gelatin tissues.