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Mike McCaw – f300: Scotland in Slow Motion – Dec 15/Feb 2016

Mike McCaw Pitinweem Harbour
Mike McCaw
Pittenweem Harbour –  Silver Gelatin Direct Positive Photograph

f300: Scotland in Slow Motion 

Mike McCaw Exhibition  – Runs 3rd December 2015 to 14th Feb 2016

Official Opening 13th December 2.30pm by Doug Wright

There is a ‘mysterious beauty’ in pinhole photography that comes from long exposure times, indefinite depth of field and a softness creating a unique special feel. Mike McCaw explored the coastal regions of Scotland using this simple form of photographic image making. There is no viewfinder, batteries, click or buzz, and no mega pixels, just raw beauty captured in an 8 x 10 box.  This body of work is captured on Harman direct positive photographic paper in camera – this means every image is a “one off” silver gelatin photograph – one chance to have the exposure and image composition perfect. Each 8 inch by 10 inch image in this exhibition is a true reflection on Mike’s skill, passion and deep understanding of pinhole photography.  Exhibition official celebrations with Mike 13th December 2pm to 5.00pm opening speech  2.30pm by Doug Wright

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