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Stephen Tester – Vignettes Past & Present April/June 2014

© Stephen Tester
© Stephen Tester

Vignettes Past to Present April 18th to June 1st 2014
This is an exhibition of photogravures showing the beautiful and historic architecture of the Australian Gold Rush.

@Stephen Tester
@ Stephen Tester

These intaglio prints present the charm and romance of public and private buildings that impacted people when they were built in the late 19th century and still impact the characteristics of towns and villages today.

Hand made from film negatives and positives these prints capture an ambience that connects the present with our historic past.

Stephen is attracted to photograph those places that he connects to and engages with. He is not only concerned with the physical objects seen through the camera, but the elusiveness of the moment; the light that falls upon the scene, the breeze sounds and scents that together form the quiet sense of place, its soul.

His use of film cameras, particularly large format cameras, provides the means to create unique, individual photographs unconstrained by proprietary processes.

Meet the artist Sunday 25th May 2014 2 pm to 5pm Stephen will also have floor talk at 3pm on his work and the process.