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Steve Tester ~ Lanjanuc – September/October 2011

15 September to 23 October

Fine art palladium photographs by Steve Tester

Official Opening: 16th September 2011 6.30 to 8.00 pm

Runs 15th September to 23rd October 2011

Lanjanuc, central to the homeland of the Dja Dja Wurrung people of Central Victoria, and known to us today as Mount Alexander, is a 350 million year old granite mountain, dominating its surrounds.

Lanjanuc, a quiet spiritual place, preserves its secrets among granite tors and massive boulders; a place to feel the peace, taste the air and listen to the grass.

These photographs by Stephen Tester, crafted by hand coating the precious metal palladium on to archival paper; brings the essence of Lanjunuc to life in a respectful and delicate way. The sympathetic capturing of the light’s effect on the landscape is testament to Stephen’s connection with the place called Lanjanuc.

About Steve:

Stephen Tester is a fine art landscape photographer, and has held a fascination for photography ever since he made his first contact print at the age of 9. Influenced by the work of Edward Weston,Paul Caponigro, Michael Kenna, Don Worth, George Tice and Gordon Undy, he developed his skills in workshops at Sydney University, Point Light Studio, and Black Mountain Photography.

He is attracted to photograph those places that he connects to and engages with. He is not only concerned with the physical objects seen through the camera, but the elusiveness of the moment; the light that falls upon the scene, the breeze, sounds and scents that together form the quiet sense of place, its soul.

His use of large format film cameras combined with hand crafting each photograph provides the means to create unique, individual photographs unconstrained by proprietary processes.

A resident of Castlemaine, Victoria, he exhibits in Sydney, Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

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