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Bob Kersey – Twenty Degrees of Analogue May /July 2013

Bob Kersey – Twenty Degrees of Analogue runs from 10th May  to 21st July 2013

Meet with Bob on the 12th May 2.30 to 4.30 pm for a chat, drinks & nibbles



Twenty photographs by Bob Kersey demonstrating just a few (the combinations are endless) examples within the range of analogue media.

Venus Revisited

Recently announced innovations and new products at Photokina 2012 add impetus to the world renaissance in analogue photography.  Twenty Degrees of Analogue is one smallcontribution from one artist intended to enlighten the viewer with possibilities for further artistic expression.

Within the context of the exhibition, each photograph is unique in terms of process and/or execution.  Each picture is clearly explained.  Examples of the work may be purchased and include notes on the making and producing of the final photograph.

Contributing to the diversity, formats range from 35mm to 12×20 inch, film and developer combinations are numerous and varied, as are substrates and toners.  The processes include platinum/palladium, gold palladium, ziatype (a variant of the platinotype), silver gelatin both as an enlargement and a contact, Azo, P.O.P., liquid emulsion and solarisation.