Awagami Platinum Gampi Uncoated Art Paper


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Awagami Platinum Gampi Uncoated Art Paper packs of 5

210x297mm (8 x 11.7 inches) 30gsm

210x297mm (8 x 11.7 inches) 60gsm

480x320mm (18.9 x 12.6 inches) 30gsm

480x320mm (18.9 x 12.6 inches) 60gsm Out of Stock

Achieve stunning results on Awagami’s 100% handmade washi papers. Developed exclusively for platinum and palladium photographers, these paper are skillfully made one sheet at a time using only premium gampi fibers. All papers are unbuffered, archival, incredibly strong and made without any whiters or  brighteners.

Awagami Platinum Gampi has a unique gloss and elegant natural texture. Gampi yields excellent photographic gradients. Gampi has long been Japans’ most prized paper making fiber due its beautiful natural ecru sheen. To improve paper for platinum and palladium printing, an organic solution has been hand brushed onto each sheet adding to it a water resistant quality that also increases the papers’ overall wet-strength.


  • Uncoated art paper developed exclusively for platinum and palladium
  • Unbuffered
  • Archival
  • Water resistant
  • Made without any brighteners

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297×210 5 sheets 30gsm, 297×210 5 sheets 60gsm, 480×320 5 sheets 30gsm, 480×320 5 sheets 60gsm