Bergger warmtone Paper Developer 1 Litre


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BERGGER WarmTone Print – Paper developer

NEW paper developer for warm or very warm tones.
Allows exceptional densities, very wide grey range, and tones from warm to very warm.
BERGGER original product.

BERGGER now has in its range of developer this new warmtone / very warmtone paper developer.

BERGGER WARMTONE PRINT DEVELOPER allows photographer to reach tonalities that can vary from warm to very warm, depending on dilution, developing time, and paper.

BERGGER recommends to use this developer with chlorobromide papers like BERGGER Variable CB, CBS, CM Ilford WARMTONE, Slavich Bromportrait or Foma 131/132

Dilution 1:7 to 1:12

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Weight 1500 g