HANDCRAFTED: The Art and Practice of the Handmade Print


HANDCRAFTED: The Art and Practice of the Handmade Print 经典手工影像 published by Zhejiang Photographic Publishing Co., Hangzhou, CHINA – (this is a hard cover with 395 pages –   2nd print run)

This unique high quality publication is Co-authored by Christina Z. Anderson, Sandy King, Zhong Jianming and Sam Wang, the Chinese language book (with some English) includes in addition to handcrafted works by the authors, works from Dick Arentz, Jill Enfield, Christopher James, Dan Estabrook, Douglas Collins, Byron Brauchli, Keith Taylor, Jill Skupin-Burkholder, John Craig, Brittany Nelson, Jace Becker, Michael Flecky, Rafael Galván, Amy Holmes-George, Philip Schwartz, Teresa Van Hatten-Granath, Clay Harmon, Eliska Mörsel Greenspoon, Mark Nelson, S. Gayle Stevens, Loris Medici, Ron Reeder, Ellie Young, Cynthia Huber, Harlan Chapman, Monty McCutchen, Kayla Bedey, Shelby Koth, Danielle Mullens, and Jordyn Wohle.