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Danielle Edwards

Danielle Edwards Vandyke Brown Madagascan Palm

Madagascan Palm – Vandyke Brown 
Van Dyke Brown printing creates beautiful warm brown tones by coating cotton paper with a three part light sensitive solution. Exposure to UV light changes the light sensitive salts to image forming metallic iron and silver in the paper.  The Van Dyke Brown is similar to the original formula patented by Arndt and Troost in 1895, based on the first iron-silver process, the Argentotype, invented in 1842 by Sir John Herschel. 

Danielle Edwards is an Australian photographer known for her images of plants, flowers and decaying items. For 29 years she was a practicing clinical photographer with a passion for Art and Science and these photographic passions continue to oscillate between the two disciplines. In 2019 Danielle was awarded the Mike Ware, Print Exposed award and in 2020 she was named the 2020 Louis Schmidt Laureate. The award is the highest honour presented by the Bio-Communications Association and is bestowed “for outstanding contributions to the progress of biocommunications.  A regular contributor to National and International conferences. Her expertise is varied with a background in both science and art, her work published in both technical and creative publications.