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Wendy Currie

Wendy Currie Platinum Palladium Past Travellers

Past Travellers – Platinotype: Platinum Palladium

Platinotype photographs are distinguished by a matte surface and subtle tonal gradations, the image is embedded in the fibre of the paper.  Because of the tonal range and surface quality of platinum prints, many fine art photographers of the late 19th and early 20th century preferred the process over gelatin silver prints. The platinum printing process was developed in the 1870s, and commercially made platinum papers were available until the rising costs of platinum during World War I made the process prohibitively expensive. Platinum prints were replaced by the similar, but less-expensive, palladium prints. Today platinum and palladium prints are widely considered the princes of the photographic medium, and the greatest expressions of fine art photography.  Printing in platinum and palladium is acknowledged as the summit of early print processes. Photographs are formed in a permanent ‘noble’ metal, graduated in tones of neutral grey or warm sepia offering luminosity in the high values. Platinum and palladium are used individually, or mixed in any proportion, controlling the image hue and contrast.

About Wendy Currie: Wendy has been working with alternative photographic processes for over 25 years and has taught at institutes including RMIT University, Photography Studies College and Australian Academy of Design, as well as schools, clubs and Gold Street Studios. She runs tailor made courses such as Professional Development for teachers, VCE Art students, Tertiary students, artists and photographers. 

She has participated in a number of group exhibitions and sells works through suburban, regional and interstate galleries, has work published in ‘Blueprints to Cyanotypes’ by Malin Fabbri and the first edition of ‘Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I’ 2006 by Malin Fabbri. Published in Photo compendium Australia by Mary Meyer, 2014. Holds Diploma of Arts (Art) in 1989, Graduate Diploma of Arts (Art – Photography) in 1990. Currently working in Platinum/palladium; Lumen printing; Cyanotype; Chrysotype, Gum bichromate and Van dyke printing.