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Tin Types - Ellie Young - 1 Day


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Tintypes or ferrotypes are positive images created by a wet plate process. The black "tin" plate is coated with collodion, exposed in a large format camera and processed in a darkroom before the plate is dry.

Ellie Young

Ellie Young

The tintype was also know as the ferrotype and melainotypes became popular in the 1850's as a cheaper and faster version of the daguerreotype. This wet emulsion was replaced with dry plates by the 1880's.

The day involves understanding coating - exposing and processes the plates. The chemicals use are volatile so it is not for those who have concerns about handling chemicals. The workshop includes chemical handling and safety issues.

Since 1994 Ellie has been practicing and studying the art craft and science, of ‘alternative’ photographic processes. Ellie conducts workshops in a number of alternative processes in her studios, and at times also teaches these processes in collages and institutes around Australia. Ellie constantly exhibits and sells her work nationally and internationally.

4 x 5 camera - lens, dark cloth and shutter release and a camera  - Or we can provide equipment for the day

Darkslides to hold the plates will be provided.

All other materials including lunch is supplied: - bring an apron or lab coat or old comfortable clothing  - wear old comfortable clothing.

Note that workshop is limited to 2 people

Price: $400.00

Start Time: 10:30 pm
End Time: 5:30 am

Date: October 10, 2020

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