Make a Cyanotype

Here is a fun activity for little people and big people while you are stuck at home.


What is a cyanotype?

Cyanotype (sa-YAN-no-type)is a photographic printmaking process that turns blue.

The two chemicals (Solution A:ferric ammonium citrate and Solution B:potassium ferricyanide) are coated on the cotton rag paper. When the paper is dry you can place objects like leaves, lace, X-rays or feathers, on the surface of the paper and place in the sunlight. The sun will change the yellow solution to light blue (iron). The light blue will change to dark blue in the water.  24 hours later the blue will be brighter as it oxidises.

What materials do I need?

You can buy a kit on line – this includes the chemicals, paper and brush (or use the chemicals you have). All you need to supply is sunlight (will work on cloudy days also), and tap water.

What can I make photograms from?

Leaves, lace, x-rays, feathers, music scores, plastic forks and spoons.

You can draw on clear plastic or make a negative.


Email your images to

They will go ups on line in the Cyanotype Gallery for people to vote for their favourite image.

This will run to 30th June 2020

There will be two kits awarded – one for big people and one for little people with the most votes.

Cyanotype Kit Fun Pack