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Photographers Represented:  Danielle EDWARDS, Karl KOENIG,  Hans NOHLBERG, Chia N-LOFQVIST, Elizabeth OPALENIK, Tim RUDMAN, David TATNALL, Craig TUFFIN,  Mike WARE, Ellie YOUNG Work includes albumen, carbon, Copperplate photogravure, gum bichromate, gumboil, lith, chrysotype, new cyanotype, Mordançage, photogravure, platinum/palladium, salt, silver gelatin and ziatypes photographs. Hours: By Appointment There is a special aesthetic of photographs made in the ninetieth century and first half of the twentieth century.  The composition and the feeling of these earlier images resonate romantic undertones.  The alternative processes give contemporary images this timeless feel, removing the distraction of a particular period and setting.

By virtue of being hand-made, each print includes its own intrinsic beauty that makes the image unique.  This allows the viewer to feel the photographer’s presence; proof that the artist is an integral part of the work. This gallery provides a venue for these images where viewer can be assured of the photograph longevity and uniqueness.

Although an appointment only  gallery a phone call or email appointment will ensure you can take pleasure in viewing local and international photographers work on the wall and in the many solander storage boxes. If you are interested in submitting for the exhibition space or to be part of the collection – contact Ellie Young on

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