Bergger Berfix Neutral 1 litre


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BERGGER BERFIX Neutral is a new neutral fixer, suitable for both films and papers. –

This very high quality fixer allow the photographer to avoid an acidic stop bath. A water stop bath is recommended.

With Films, water stop bath allow the shadows to be more developped that highlights.

If you want to reuse the fixer, we recommend a dilution of 1+4. Then you can develop 20 films with one liter of working solution. If you prefer to dilute 1+9, then you can fix 5 films.

The use of  BERFIX NEUTRAL is highly recommended following BERGGER PMK developer processing.

With papers, we recommend a dilution of 1+4, in order not to immerse paper too long in the fixer (no more than 90 seconds). Then washing step is shorter and easier.

BERFIX is packaged in 1L sealed bottle. Manufacturing date is written on the packaging.

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Weight 1500 g