Salt Printing Kit 100ml

Salt Printing Kit 100ml

100ml coats 30 sheets 8x10 inch paper using a glass chemical pusher


The Salt Print Kit includes 100 mls of the salt solution and 100 mls of silver nitrate only

NB: This kit does not include fixer  – you will require a solution of 15 % Sodium thiosulfate  (fixer)  (150 gm to every 1000mls of water)

This is a simple process with a number of challenges to master. Salt prints are created coating paper in a solution of sodium chloride (common salt) followed by a silver nitrate solution creating silver chloride. When exposed to UV light, image making metallic silver is created. Salt prints have a matte surface with wonderful tones ranging from warm to cool browns.

The salt print is the foundation of photography. William Henry Fox Talbot, known as the “father” of photography, discovered the salt print process in 1834 but it not announced until 1839. Talbot’s early discoveries were the foundation of numerous other photographic and print processes that are still practiced today.