Photographic Events

November 2019

What’s on in Victoria

John Pollard’s Gums opening celebration 2pm to 5pm on 3rd November.  Special opening speeches by Johns daughters, Alexis and Celia at 2.30 pm. Runs to 26th January 2020

This exhibition celebrates John Pollards his contribution and love affair with the handmade gum bichromate photographs.

John Pollard passed away 22 April 2018, the world of photographic art lost one of its most eminent practitioners. 

John was a professional photographer, photo-engraver and printmaker, who trained in Melbourne then headed for Europe in 1956. He worked professionally in a photo-engraving house in Zürich before living in London  for five years. John returned to Australia in 1962.

In 1999 John decided to concentrate on his research into the gum bichromate process. This early photographic technique at that time was almost forgotten. He held a number of solo exhibitions of his gum bichromate prints in Australia and overseas, as well as contributing to many group exhibitions. In 2000 he was invited to join the prestigious London Salon of Photography which stemmed from the Linked Ring Group formed in the 1890s as a breakaway group from the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) to advance the cause of artistic photography.


Our Great Southern Land

48 members of Victorian Photographers Collective Facebook Group

In today’s Insta age, photography is taken for granted and easily dismissed!

 Inspired by Our Great Southern Land, the photographers from the Victorian Photographers Collective Facebook Group turn their lenses to share their perspective of “our Australia”.

 In this exhibition, the art of landscape photography is given the opportunity to shine. It is truly a showcase of what an artform photography can be.

Magnet Galleries Melbourne SC G19 Wharf Street Docklands 8 to 30th November More Info


Dreaming Mum again Leah King-Smith

William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize

Both Close 17th November More Info

Exhibitions Coming to Gold Street Studios :

Ellie Young Of Gold and Glass Jan/April 2020

The Print Exposed 2020 April/June 2020

Diana Bloomfield The Old Garden 2020 July September 2020

Pradip Malde November 2020 January 2021


What’s on in NSW

Shani Miller

TIN  Three artists Mel Miller, Shani Miller + Bridie McKelvey explore  Tin in content, concept, or materials. Shani Miller’s work is a series of still life images created using the historical photographic technique known as tintypes.  ‘The invention of the tintype in 1854 brought the reality of photography closer to the mass population.’

Mel Miller’s work is a series of line drawings in pen of houses with tin roofs. Time In Nature (TIN). and Bridie McKelvey’s work is a collection of small dioramas/assemblages. 3D landscapes housed in vintage tins, variety of found objects with a focus on paper, pressed flowers and plastic animals. Northern Rivers Community Gallery (NRCG) Launch Event: Thurs 24 Oct 2019 5.30pm – 7.30pm 44 Cherry Street Ballina  NSW 2478 More Info

SLOW PHO – Handcrafted Photography Exhibition

Lyn Arnold, John Bardell, Susan Buchanan and Carolyn Pettigrew

Opening Sunday 10th November

Art Space on the Concourse 409 Victoria Ave Chatswood- 6-17 November 2019 More Info 

What’s on in Queensland

Spy & Camera Museum A unique and intriguing collection More info

The Hand Magazine – A Magazine For Reproduction-Based Art  More Info

View Camera Australia Blog – a new blog dedicated to large format and darkroom photographers in Australia. Edited by David Tatnall.



Nikon F3 HP (high eyepoint) with E-screen – 400.00

Nikon F3P (press professional) with split image screen – 720.00

Nikon MD-4 motor drive for Nikon F3 series – 120.00

Sinar Norma 4×5 camera with extra rear standard, film back and some spare parts – 700.00

Minolta III flash/ambient light meter in case with flat disk – 120.00

Nikon D2X, body only with battery and charger, $800.00.

Contact Gale Spring at


Hasselblad 503CX s/no 11EV17623        $750
Hasselblad 135mm f4 C T* Macro + bellows  s/no 4870920          $700
Voigtlander Heliar Vintage line 50mm f3.5 M-mount (mint, boxed)                  $650
Rollei 35TE (meter not working, otherwise vgc)                 s/no 50331393          $150
Vermeer 6×17 curved plane pinhole  $280
Canon Lenses
17mm TSE L  f4.0 (near mint, boxed)                           s/no 57500             $2000
Lomography 85mm /f2.2 (near mint, boxed)                   s/no 80000             $650
180mm L Series f4.0 Macro (near mint, boxed) s/no 61112  $1300
Carl Zeiss Jena 35-135mm f3.5 (vgc) s/no 2061847           $150
Canon 2x Teleconverter II (vgc) s/no 91448  $200
Nagaoka 5×4   (exc) $900   includes – Horseman 6×7 film back (and Graflok adapter)
Large Format lenses
Schneider 150mm f9 G-Claron, Copal 0, yellow filter, s/no 14064150 (image circle 189mm)    $300
Fujinon 250mm f5.6 SF, Copal 3, s/no 781557   (image circle 300mm)    $300
Fuji 400T f8.0, Copal 1, s/no 691289   (image circle 220mm)    $400Nagaoka 5×4 field camera $900 includes – Horseman 6×9 220 revolving reflex viewfinder film back plus custom adapter and Horseman 6×6 film back (Graflok)

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News: Prizes: Awards: Competitions: Exhibition Entries

Pradip Malde -Platinum Palladium photographs Call for Submissions using  the platinum/palladium print-out method using ammonium salts Submission deadline is December 15, 2019. More Info

Hand Magazine entries More Info 

NAVA – Check this web site for current grant and prizes

 Other Suppliers

Blanco Negro Foma Paper and Film – Coming Soon New Foma Bromoil Paper FOMABROM VARIANT 113 BO features a very rich half-tone scale over all contrast grades, a shining white paper base and saturated blacks. Only: 8 x 10 inch and 11 x 14 inch. On line shop for  all Foma products More Info  Tel 0412 025 956

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Archival Products Australia Pty  Bookbinders specialising in longevity storage –  custom made presentation albums,boxes, and polypropylene pockets for storage for photographs etc. Contact Mario

Mainline Photographics Pty Ltd – Australia’s traditional imaging source. More Info 

gold street studios spacious studios and darkrooms are just over an hour from Melbourne CBD – set in tranquil surroundings at Trentham East Vic 3458