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April 2020

What’s on in Victoria

The Orotones Carbon and opalotypes works in the exhibition are all on glass, many utilising gold.

Dandelion – Orotone

The carbon transfer, a beautiful permanent photographic processes invented in 1855 by Louis Alphonse Poitevin, he produced monochrome prints made with carbon black pigment giving the process its name.

An orotone photograph is created by printing from a negative to create a positive on a glass plate. Following exposure and development, the back of the plate is coated with gold pigment creating a gold-toned image.

Opalotypes are printed on sheets of opaque, translucent white glass. Glover and Bold of Liverpool patented the process in 1857, it was also know as Opaltype and milk glass.  Early opalotypes were sometimes hand-tinted with colours to enhance their effect. Opalotypes are created using 4 colour carbon and mono- carbons process.

50% of exhibition sales donated to Trentham CFA and Five Freedoms Animal Rescue based in Trentham

Exhibition runs to 7th June 2020  Extended due to the coronavirus For more information   
Gold streets studios Gallery 700 James Lane Trentham East Vic 



Photographs by


Exhibition showing Aterics

Please note closed until further notice in line with government COVID-19 protocols.

BUT – open for take away coffee and muffins

18 Market St, Trentham, Victoria 3458


The winner will be announced at the launch of the exhibition on 13 March.

Daily from Friday 6 March 2020 until Sunday 10 May 2020

Based on advice from Australian health experts – and the Federal Government’s direction to limit non-essential gatherings and comply with new social distancing guidelines – the National Portrait Gallery Australia is closed until further notice.

More information 


MAGNET GALLERIES SC G19 Wharf Street, The District, Docklands 3008 More Information



The Print Exposed 2020 June/September 2020

Diana Bloomfield The Old Garden 2020  September/Jan 20021

Pradip Malde Magic Feb 2021 /April 2021

Danielle Edwards Convergence  April/July 2021

What’s on in NSW

Capturing the Home Front Featuring photographs by Dorothea Lange, Toyo Miyatake and Australian wartime Australian National Maritime Museum to 16 Feb 2020 Please note closed until further notice in line with government COVID-19 protocols.More Information 


The Hand Magazine – A Magazine For Reproduction-Based Art  More Info

View Camera Australia Blog – a new blog dedicated to large format and darkroom photographers in Australia. Edited by David Tatnall.



Nikon F3 HP (high eyepoint) with E-screen – 400.00

Nikon F3P (press professional) with split image screen – 720.00

Nikon MD-4 motor drive for Nikon F3 series – 120.00

Sinar Norma 4×5 camera with extra rear standard, film back and some spare parts – 700.00

Minolta III flash/ambient light meter in case with flat disk – 120.00

Nikon D2X, body only with battery and charger, $800.00.

Contact Gale Spring at


Wet Plate

The package includes;

– 8×10 large format 

– 8×10 wetplate plate holder

– 8×10 camera soft case

– 1 x hard case

Asking price excluding delivery $3500AU + GST (ONO) – Contact 

Seneca Improved View, 5×7, 6 lensboards (Copal 0/1) $700

Nagaoka 5×4   (exc) $900   includes – Horseman 6×6 film back (and Graflok adapter)

Large Format lenses, all in excellent condition:
Schneider 150mm f9 G-Claron, Copal 0, yellow filter, s/no 14064150 (image circle 189mm)    $300
Fujinon 250mm f5.6 SF, Copal 3, s/no 781557   (image circle 300mm)    $300
Fuji 400T f8.0, Copal 1, s/no 691289   (image circle 220mm)    $400

Contact Peter on

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Danielle Edwards – 2020 Louis Schmidt Laureate

The Louis Schmidt Committee is pleased to announce that Danielle Edwards, BA, BAppSc (Hons), FBCA, RBI, FAIMBI, FIPT has been selected as the 2020 Louis Schmidt Laureate. The award, named for a founder and 2nd President of the Association, is the highest honor presented by the BCA and is bestowed “for outstanding contributions to the progress of biocommunications.” Danielle’s extensive personal and professional accomplishments both behind the lens and in support of a plethora of professional organizations, illustrates her commitment to the unique quality and diversity of her work as well as the active mentoring and sharing of a career’s worth of highly specialized information. Her ongoing collaboration with other experts in the field and her ethical center, round out the qualities that make her such an ideal recipient for this honour. More information click here.


Head on Closes 15th Feb 2020 More Info 

Hand Magazine entries More Info 

NAVA – Check this web site for current grant and prizes

 Other Suppliers

Blanco Negro Foma Paper and Film – On line shop for  all Foma products More Info  Tel 0412 025 956

michaels camera video digital for inkjet negatives and wide range of traditional photographic supplies and books. More Info 

Kudos Cameras – New Supplier for Print File film pockets Jobo processing drums and Kaiser Fototechnik lighting  – More information

Archival Products Australia Pty  Bookbinders specialising in longevity storage –  custom made presentation albums,boxes, and polypropylene pockets for storage for photographs etc. Contact Mario

Mainline Photographics Pty Ltd – Australia’s traditional imaging source. More Info 

gold street studios spacious studios and darkrooms are just over an hour from Melbourne CBD – set in tranquil surroundings at Trentham East Vic 3458