Bob Kersey

Bob Kersey Silver Gelatin Tent In Wombat Forest

Wombat Forest – Silver Gelatin 

About Silver Gelatin: Silver gelatin prints were/are known as the standard contemporary monochrome print. Fibre based papers have been the conventional printing materials and are still recommended for maximum quality and permanence. Gelatin silver process was introduced by Richard L Maddox in 1871, Charles H Bennet in 1878 made considerable improvements in sensitivity. The paper was first introduced in 1882 for commercial work and by 1900 had replaced the albumen print. The light sensitive silver halide particles of photographic emulsion are suspended in the gelatin.  Research continues for different papers surfaces that exhibit low grain and high sensitivity to light. 

About Bob Kersey
(Australia NSW) At age 21 Bob abandoned photography to join the film industry.  He returned to photography in 1992. Kersey has a wide vision, this takes him out of the cities, into the outback, north of the equator and back into the studio.  He works in all photographic formats. 

Bob Kersey has exhibited throughout Australia including gold street studios, Blanco negro, and parts of the USA. Bob and Mary Meyer published and edited of Photo Compendium Australia, tutor and mentor of landscape photography and platinum printing at Black Mountain Photographic Workshops and co-director of Meyer Gallery. His work is held at the Weston Gallery in Carmel California and represented by Oficino Uno in Carmel California.  He is a member of Center for Photographic Art, California.  His purpose is to produce art works that are collectable, enduring and archival.