Bergger Prestige VARIABLE CB (Warm Semi-Glossy Ivory) 25 sheets


BERGGER PRESTIGE VARIABLE CB paper is a warmtone chlorobromide fiber based paper with a glossy surface finish, and is designed for traditional black and white printing and enlarging. Featuring a baryta-coated double-weight, 280 gsm white base, this polycontrast paper uses both green and blue chromatic sensitizers to deliver six full grades of contrast along with a high Dmax and rich.

The surface is Semi glossy.

PRESTIGE VARIABLE CB: Can produce both a soft or high contrast photograph, thanks to the blue and green sensitizers included in the emulsion. Using the usual multigrade filters, grades from 0 to 5 can be reached, by half-step, with only one paper.

BERGGER VARIABLE CB is a premium quality paper, delivering warm black tones.