Kaye Dixon “Bone Women” Exhibition Booklet


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This booklet has 24 pages with 17  photographs.  It includes information on how each scene was created, the stories and poems about the bone women.

Bone Women:

Re-membering the Journey Home

The building of the boats, carrying the Bone Women, started in 2018 and I imagined them sailing over the ocean under the starry skies. In this body of work, this desire has been achieved through painting, photography, and the alchemy of cyanotype. Bone Women remind us to re-member to journey home to the magic and medicine deep inside the soul of the feminine.

This is a journey based on the way of the Feminine. Using intuitive wisdom and navigating by the stars over the seas to find new land; where the sacredness of Mother Earth, the mysteries of the universe and the wild feminine is revered.  The bones hold lost and half- forgotten memories of Wild Woman. It is her connection to wildish nature that carries stories, dreams, words, and song.  Wild Woman listens to what is seen and unseen, she whispers from our night dreams.

Included in the booklet are poems written in response to the images from writers in Australia and Ireland.

Kaye Dixon

“When we assert intuition, we are therefore like the starry night;

we gaze at the world through a thousand eyes” 1

1Estes, Clarissa Pinkola. Women who Run With The Wolves.UK:     Random House, 1993

 Momento of a beautiful series of work .

Size is 150mm x 210 mm with a soft cover.


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