New Chrysotype Kit 75ml


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The New Chrysotype process has tonal and surface qualities with the permanence like Platino-palladiotype, but a bonus feature of beautiful muted colours controlled by the chemistry of the process. Photographic artists should discover a whole new palette of colour to explore in printing archivally permanent ‘monochrome’ images in hand-coated noble metal sensitisers:

Herschel’s original gold-printing process of 1842, which he called Chrysotype, encountered problems with chemistry and cost which prevented its adoption into the photographic repertoire, as ecounted:

This ‘forgotten’ process was revived by Mike Ware in 1987 by means of some sophisticated modern chemistry, making it both economic and controllable as described in:

Image: Salvatore New Chrysotype by Mike Ware

Included in the Kit: 

PART A Ligand solution 25ML 3,3’-thiodipropanoic acid, sodium hydrogen carbonate & distilled water

PART B Gold solution 25ML hydrogen tetrachloroaurate(III), sodium hydrogen carbonate and distilled water

PART C IRON Solution 25 ml Ammonium iron(III) oxalate and distilled water

Shot Glass x 1

Syringes x 4 (suggest to mark the syringes A. B. C. D)


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