Simple Cyanotype Kit – Medium 100ml


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The Simple Cyanotype Kit one 100 ml bottle of  single bottle sensitiser.

Mike Ware developed this ‘Simple Cyanotype’, which does not use commercial ferric ammonium citrate but makes it from pure chemicals. It contains no toxic dichromates or oxalates, making it safer for children and the environment. The ‘one-bottle’ sensitiser is faster than an average ‘Classic’ two-bottle formula, but still slower than ‘New’.


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This process requires no other chemicals, can be exposed in sunlight (UV) and developed simply in water. No other chemicals are required. Cyanotypes provide a beautiful image in stable Prussian blue pigment. The image colour may be easily modified by a variety of toning agents.

Sir John Herschel’s traditional cyanotype process, now practiced for 166 years, became known as Blueprint, the first reprographic process. It is one of the oldest, simplest, safest, and cheapest alternative photographic process. Mike Ware developed the New Cyanotype in 1995 renown for the beautiful extended tonal range and now Mike has offered the world the Simple Cyanotype which offers range of contrasts.


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