Van Dyke Brown Printing Kit 150ml


150ml coats 50 sheets of 8×10 inch paper if applied with a glass chemical pusher.

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The Van Dyke Brown Kit includes 150 mls of the sensitiser only (3 bottles of 50 mls)

Ellie Young

NB: This kit does not include fixer  – you will require a solution of 2.5 % Sodium thiosulfate  (fixer)  (25 gm (1 tbs) to every 1000mls of water)

The Van Dyke Brown  kit creates a deep warm brown iron-based silver image. It is a simple process consisting of a 3 part sensitiser, exposed to UV light  and processed in a dilute  fixing solution.

J W Nichols developed the Van Dyke Brown process in 1899 based on  Sir John Herschel’s 1942 Argentotype.

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