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Sally North

Sally North Gum Bichromate Window Webs

Window Webs – Gum Bichromate 

The Gum Bichromate process can resolve fine detail in numerous colours. There is a high degree of artistic control in this beautiful print making process. Ultraviolet light reacts with the solution of gum Arabic, pigments and dichromate coated onto cotton paper, hardening gum in proportion to the light passed through a negative. Colour layers are built up by repeating the process with the careful registration of contact negatives creating unique images.  This process was discovered by Alphonse Louis Poitevin in 1855, built on Talbot’s 1852 discovery of the light sensitivity of potassium bichromate and gelatin.

About Sally North: (Queensland Australia) As a part time amateur artist, a 10-year member of the Rockhampton Photography Club Queensland, and a 3-year member of the Capricornia Printmakers Inc., I utterly relish both genres of artistic expression. Progressing slowly along on my printmaking adventure, I am enjoying finding the multitude of possibilities in this form of art.