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Geoff Schirmer – The Image & Beyond Dec 2013 /Feb 2014

The Image & Beyond  – Hand crafted photographs by Geoff Schirmer Exhibition runs from 4th December 2013 to the 9th of February 2014.

Opening Sunday 8th Dec 2pm to 4 pm

Meet the artist: Sunday 2nd February 2pm to 4.30 pm

Geoff Schirmer
Geoff Schirmer

“Colour is a pleasure to the eye, black and white speaks to the soul.” Geoff Schirmer.

Using the traditional black and white process of negative and print, the photographer works with a range of cameras and film – 35mm format – 6x9cm medium format – 4”x5” and 8”x10” large format. The prints, produced on premium grade fibre-base paper, are hand processed, mounted and framed at an archival standard.

Geoff continues to be drawn to the elemental nature of black and white, to the way it lends itself to the portrayal of the essence of a subject, to that which is evocative and symbolic

Black and white presents the viewer with a different way of seeing – to experience a subject in terms of line and form, mass and texture, light and shade, without the diversion of colour.

In recent years Geoff has been drawn to symbols which present an invitation to look beyond that which is immediate – that which is seen at first glance – to that which is beyond the image.

Geoff Schemier
Geoff Schirmer

His preference is for contemplative photography.  Rather than “chasing” an image he prefers to “be present” at a location, to sit and observe, and to “wait upon” the image.


Geoff Schirmer - PhotographerSmSince 1997 the photographer has held 15 exhibitions – 14 in regional and metropolitan Victoria, and the most recent at the Barossa Regional Gallery in SA (June 2013).