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Jair Garcia – Flower Constancy – August – October 2024

Opens on the 28th August runs to 20th October 2024

Offical opening 31st August 2024 2pm to 4.30pm

Flower Constancy

“On each expedition, the bee does not fly from a flower to another, but flies from one violet, say to, another violet, and never meddles with another flower until it has got back to the hive.” 

-Aristotle (cited by Grant 1950)

These words, attributed to Aristotle more than 2,000 years ago, describe Flower Constancy, the name given to a bee’s behaviour in which workers keep returning to the same nectar-giving flower species in the presence of other potentially more rewarding flower alternatives. 

Just like the intricate flight of a bee from one flower to another, the works in this exhibit encourages you to visit, and revisit, each piece from different  viewpoints. In this way, you will fully unravel the visual signal produced by the juxtaposition of the various elements making up these novel Vykage montages. Like visiting bees you will get a new perspective, a new understanding, and a new appreciation for the art’s beauty and complexity with each visit. 

The Vykage montages, masterfully depicting flowers in this exhibition, use a combination of textures, elements, and materials to display the unique characteristics of each piece. The light-sensitive VanDyke solution creates an airy impression of each flower on a diaphanous silk surface, reminiscing the delicate texture of blooming flowers and offering a visual reward to approaching visitors. The silk’s shadow is then reflected on a polished gold leaf, re-imagining the flower and creating a mesmerising double image that dances in our eyes with a warm, flickering illusion that reconstructs the tridimensional volume of each flower, albeit briefly. 

As you explore Flower Constancy, approach each piece with the same dedication as a bee returning to its chosen flower. Allow yourself to be drawn in by the textures and visual illusions, and revisit each work to uncover its beauty. This exhibition, a tribute to the intimate connection between bees and flowers, is an invitation for you to slow down, observe closely, and appreciate the subtle nuances that only reveal themselves over time and repeated visits. It honours and reminds us of the intimate connection between bees and flowers. Let each encounter with the art deepen your understanding and reveal new facets, making your journey through the exhibition as rewarding as the bees’ diligent foraging. The more you visit, the more you’ll discover.