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The Print Exposed 2023

Exhibition will run 1st March to 21st May 2023

The Print Exposed is a truly unique exhibition aimed at encouraging the understanding, and appreciation for handmade alternative/ historic photographic print processes evolved from the birth of photography.

This Print exposed will celebrate 21 years of gold street studios and will include an extra exhibition at Magnet Gallery and a symposium – more info to follow

Photographers selected for the exhibition are automatically considered for The Mike Ware Award

The photographs bring a mix of beauty and intrigue created by passionate photographers and photographic artists.

The Print Exposed 2022 is split into 2 groups  – those who are invited those who have submitted works for approval. It is the submitted works that qualify for Mike Ware Award.  The Mike Ware Award is made on the the combination of visual artistic merit, the craftsmanship of the work and the control of the scientific processes that create these images.

The 2020 Mike Ware Award went to Elizabeth Parsons (Melbourne GPO), Hengli Ge (Metal and Metal) and Robert Poole

There were 3 awards as the judges found it so difficult to choose due to the high quality of the work – and felt each one deserved an award