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Li Zhe

Body And Machine – Silver Gelatin
Mountain – Silver Gelatin

About Silver Gelatin: Silver gelatin prints were/are known as the standard contemporary monochrome print. Fibre based papers have been the conventional printing materials and are still recommended for maximum quality and permanence. Gelatin silver process was introduced by Richard L Maddox in 1871, Charles H Bennet in 1878 made considerable improvements in sensitivity. The paper was first introduced in 1882 for commercial work and by 1900 had replaced the albumen print. The light sensitive silver halide particles of photographic emulsion are suspended in the gelatin.  Research continues for different papers surfaces that exhibit low grain and high sensitivity to light. 

About Li Zhe (Nanjing China) Member of Jiangsu Photographers Association, Chief manager of Jinling Silver Salt Museum, Born in Nanjing in the late 1980s His focus on natural scenery and documentary photography. He thinks: photography able to reflect light and shadow, send out true feelings, unique insight, traction imagination. For him, photography was a journey, an expression, a self-healing antidote. Publications: November 2015, Mysterious Tibet, publish in Oriental Guardian February 2016, The Power, Warmth and Affection in Life, publish in Contemporary China June 2016, Veterans of War of Resistance, exhibition in the Propaganda Department of Nanjing Municipal Party Committee November 2019, Dialogue – International Handmade Print Exhibition, Lishui Photography Festival, Lishui


Li Zhe “Mountains” Silver Gelatin
Li Zhe Silver Gelatin Body & Machine.