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Maija McDougal

Maija McDougal Scarf Bromoil Transfer

Scarf Bromoil Transfer 

About the Bromoil:  A black & white silver gelatin image is transformed into a pigment print by replacing the silver particles with oil-based printing inks. The print is treated chemically removing the silver creating a “matrix”. Oily inks are applied by brushes or rollers to re-create the original image. Different brush actions allow the artist creative control over the image.  Perfected in 1907 by C. Welbourne Piper, bromoils evolved from Rawlings oil printing process developed in 1904. A Bromoil transfer is made by printing the inked bromoil image onto a new support of water colour paper using a press recreating the image. 

About Maija McDougal: (UK)  From the late 1970’s Maija interest in photography developed to finding an interest in gum bichromate and bromoils. By 1985 this was the only activity she perused  and joined the Bromoil Circle of Great Britain, was elected as secretary and 2000 elected  as president,   Awarded the Royal Photographic Society Associateship distinction 1989 and fellowship 1997  She has exhibited and taught  bromoils and Bromoil transfer in England France Netherland USA, Australia, China and Latvia (country of her birth).