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Pinhole Photography - An Introduction to the Art - David Tatnall - 1 Day



© David Tatnall

© David Tatnall

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP:  This workshop is for those photographers who want to explore fine art image making using pinhole cameras. It will cover practicalities as well as theory in how to deal with the unique and mysterious world of pinhole photography.

  • Converting view cameras to make pinhole photographs
  • Using pinhole body caps on roll film cameras
  • How to use a light meter for pinhole photography.
  • Subject matter and light conditions for making the best pinhole photographs
  • How to make the correct size pinhole
  • How to ‘compose’ a pinhole photograph
  • How to expose the pinhole negative
  • How to deal with reciprocity failure with long exposures
  • Types of film
  • Paper negative options
  • Processing options
  • Making prints, silver gelatin, alternative process, digital
  • Types of commercial pinhole cameras available
  • Roll film pinhole cameras

All materials (sheet film and direct positive paper) and lunch are included in this workshop.


David Tatnall is a Melbourne based fine art photographer. He has been using pinhole photography for over twenty years. His photographs are in the collections of the National Gallery of Victoria, the State Library of Victoria, Monash Gallery of Art, Warrnambool Art Gallery and with many private collectors.

David exhibits pinhole photographs nationally and internationally, the most recent at Monash Gallery of Art’s: Earth Matters – Contemporary Photographers In The Landscape.

“David Tatnall is probably best know as a wilderness photographer, but he’s also a champion of new ways of seeing using old technology”. Amanda Smith ABC Radio National.

David Tatnall is also running a Contemporary Pinhole Photography Masterclass 2 – 3 April 2016.

The workshop is supported by Blanco Negro.

© David Tatnall

© David Tatnall

ABOUT PINHOLE PHOTOGRAPHY The early concept of pinhole lens-less cameras were known as camera obscura. These were 1st mentioned by Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) and continued to develop over the centuries. The attraction still today is the ability of the pinhole to capture an enormous depth of field. Images can be as sharp or soft as the photographers chooses, depending on the size of the actual pinhole. Although most see this type of camera as low tech there are many photographers, such as David Tatnall, who use them as highly technical cameras.

NB: Class restricted to 6 participants


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