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Harris Choy – Appreciation to Death – May / June 2017

Platinum Palladium Exhibition from May 3rd to June 25th 2017

© Harris Choy

“Appreciation to Death” is the first personal photographic exhibition of Harris Choy, a Chinese photographic artist specialized in palladium/platinum palladium prints.


“Appreciation to Death” presents to us how people in the past generations show appreciation to their ancestor’s achievements, remembrance days, love stories through stunning and meaningful sculptures. The artist hopes the photographs in the exhibition will remind us that we should show appreciation to those who have died.


Most of the photographs were taken at the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno Italy. This famous outdoor museum was designed in the 19th century by one of the most appreciated architect, Carlo Barabino, featuring hundreds of stunning and meaningful sculptures. Each photograph is beautifully presented in palladium prints hand crafted by this photographic artist.   This project will continue…