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Ben Healley – Scapes- October to November 2023

Ben Healley Scapes Exhibition runs from 4th October to 3rd December 2023

Opening Sunday 8th October 2023 2pm to 4.30 pm

Opening Speech by Elizabeth Opalenik (San Fransisco) at 2.30 pm – Followed by Artist floor talk by Ben Healley

Artist Floor Talk Sat 11th November 3pm


Photographer Benjamin Healley is compelled to capture the power of time. It is an endless pursuit—a search for the perfect moment that combines the elements of light, texture, and form. With SCAPES Benjamin takes you on a monochromatic odyssey that celebrates anthropogenic and natural environments alike.

SCAPES is a story of contrast and the ephemeral nature of our world. Benjamin plays with time scales across disparate landscapes, juxtaposing the industrial and natural in a manner that is both familiar and otherworldly. The amalgamation of these opposing forces conjures layers of thought-provoking interpretation, unique to the individual viewer.

Benjamin’s compositions deliberately omit individual figures, creating almost ethereal scenes of seemingly abandoned worlds, but humanity’s fingerprints are intrinsically embedded throughout. The absence of colour, too, strips back each image to its essentials to create a bold vision embodied solely by light and shadow. Each frame is a demonstration of Benjamin’s painstaking craftsmanship, expert eye, and dedication to analog film—all in service of the soul of photography.

SCAPES is an invitation to pause, appreciate beauty in the ordinary, and ponder our own place in the frame of existence.