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The Handmade Photograph – at Magnet Gallery

12th October to 12th November 2023

Offical Opening 14th October 2.30 to 4.30 pm

MAGNET GALLERIES MELBOURNE SC G19 Wharf St, The District. Docklands, Victoria, 3008
OPEN TUESDAY to FRIDAY – 11am to 5pm SATURDAY and SUNDAY – 11am to 4pm +61 (0) 38589 0371

Mike Ware – New Cyanotype- Chrysotype – Platinum Palladium More Information

Tim Rudman Lith More Information and More

Elizabeth Opalenik Mordançage More information

Ellie Young Salt Albumen and Carbon More information

Kaye Dixon Ziatype over Cyanotype More Information

Keiko Goto Zoukin Gake More Information

Danielle Edwards Platinum Palladium Infrared More Information

Diana Bloomfield Gum Over Cyanotype More Information

David Tatnall Silver Gelatin More Information

Craig Tuffin Daguerrotype More Information

Exhibition At Magnet GalleriesThe Hand Made Photograph
FLOOR TALKS 22nd October – Times 

11 am Keiko Goto QLD AUS/Japan – Zoukin Gake  Floor talk on this amazing almost unknown process.

11.30 am Danielle Edwards VIC AUS  – Platinum Palladium Infrared – Floor Talk

12.00 pm Kaye Dixon VIC AUS  Ziatype Over Cyanotype  – Floor Talk

1.30 pm Ellie Young VIC AUS  – Salt/ Albumen/ Carbon  –  Floor talk 

2.00 pm Floor talk Elizabeth Opalenik USA – Mordançage  – Demonstration/ Floor talk 

Floor Talks and demonstration: Sunday 5th November  David Tatnall 2 pm 

2 pm David Tatnall VIC AUS  – Silver Gelatin  floor talk 

Photography from its inception has never been a single technology or process – always a slow-moving evolution of changes. 

Effected by art science and technology- each overlapping- but all effected by the DNA of photography- making marks with light.

With the event of digital creating the inkjet negative the hand craft of photography has never seen such exciting times.

When you take a picture on an iPhone it is for the moment – when you make a salt print, daguerreotype, platinum palladium, or carbon – it is forever.

The photograph once seen to represent perfection, an absolute representation – today there is a sense of freedom- to be creative and explore. The intrinsic beauty of the hand-crafted photography – maybe not total perfection- but a real insight of the hand of the artist. This is an Extraordinary Exhibition