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The Time Elements September/November 2015






September 30th to November 29th 2015

The Time Element

A group of 7 artists from South Australia and Victoria investigate the relationship between photography and printmaking. Participating artists: Dianne Gall, Silvi Glattauer, Sara Huffen, Dianne Longley, Stephen Tester, Jim Thalassoudis, Ellie Young

The Time Element was the pilot for The Twilight Zone series in the late 1950s that encompassed science-fiction, fantasy, political and social comment, and allegories and parables which reflected moral and philosophical choices of individuals and communities.

Official opening speech: Sunday 4th October at 4.30 pm by Gavin Blake, Founder and Director of the Centre for Creative Photography, Adelaide, SA. Opening celebrations run from 4.00pm to 6.30 pm