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Tim Rudman

Montana Winter Series #3 – Silver Gelatin

Tim Rudman Silver Gelatin Montana Winter Series #3

About Silver Gelatin: Silver gelatin prints were/are known as the standard contemporary monochrome print. Fibre based papers have been the conventional printing materials and are still recommended for maximum quality and permanence. Gelatin silver process was introduced by Richard L Maddox in 1871, Charles H Bennet in 1878 made considerable improvements in sensitivity. The paper was first introduced in 1882 for commercial work and by 1900 had replaced the albumen print. The light sensitive silver halide particles of photographic emulsion are suspended in the gelatin.  Research continues for different papers surfaces that exhibit low grain and high sensitivity to light.

About Tim Rudman (
UK) Tim is a member of the Arena group of photographers, a member and past chairman of The London Salon of Photography and is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain and an Honorary Life Fellow of the British Professional Photographer’s Associates.

Tim’s work has been widely exhibited in over 25 countries, receiving numerous international awards and is held in several permanent and private collections internationally. He is represented in London by Hoopers Gallery.

Tim is well known internationally for his pioneering work in the beautiful process of Lith Printing and his wonderful distinctive toning methods of Black & White silver gelatin prints. He is a regular writer and lecturer and has conducted workshops on printing and toning techniques in Britain, Ireland, Spain, Australia, Canada and America.